We achieved international users within one week of the launch.

FirstChair is a Saas company working to help snowboarders and skiers get more time on the mountain.

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FirstChair enlisted Virtue to come up with ago to market strategy in order to bring their product to the people who needed it most.

FirstChair is a consumer based software platform which would act as a portal and service provider for iKON pass holders during the 2020-2021 ski season. With reservations being hard to capitalize on, FirstChair solved users pain points by addressing the most important aspects of the booking process.


We first helped FirstChair's engineers to design a checkout flow which maintained all the elements necessary, while optimizing for customer experience and ease of use.

We then focused on the following aspects to provide the most value:

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Firebase Back-End and Front-End syncing for easy tracking
  • Outreach for users who were validated at the initial funnel stages

Timeline & Results

The timeline structured for this project was one of the most important aspects, because we had to validate the software before any large cash infusions were made. The client is the one who pays the bills, and in saying that, we understand that the smart and lower those bills can be, the better.

Since we found that there was a great synergy between Virtue & Firstchairs technical and non-technical teams, the project moved faster than we would have been able to initially anticipate.

Download the entire case study here.


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